Pairing Menu 3.20.23

Food Pairings

Elevate your wine tasting experience at Wine For The People with our specially curated Pairing Menu. Designed to enhance your wine indulgence, our selection marries the fine local flavors with our award-winning wines. Whether you're joining us for a full wine tasting journey or simply sipping a glass of your favorite varietal, our Pairing Menu promises to tantalize your taste buds and enrich your visit. 

All items are made to order. Delight in the simplicity and elegance of our Bread Board, a medley of olive oil and house-made pesto, served with freshly baked focaccia. For the more indulgent palate, our Charcuterie Board offers a lavish spread of fine meats and cheeses, thoughtfully accompanied by an array of complementary accouterments. And, our Tartines, with their rotating seasonal toppings on toasted focaccia, promise a fresh and vibrant option!

Every choice on our Pairing Menu is thoughtfully selected to complement the unique profiles of our wines, creating harmonious flavors and unforgettable moments. Let this menu help provide the perfect blend of wine, food, and friends during your next visit!