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Sommelier and food and wine industry veteran, Rae is originally from St. Louis and has been residing in Austin, Texas since 2005. Her winemaking skills were gained in Napa Valley and Portugal, with her first harvest in 2008. Upon returning to Austin, she founded Wine for the People in 2010 and released her first vintage in 2014. With two award winning brands, Dandy Rosé and La Valentía, she continues to craft wines that speak to all types of consumers. See Press for more.

“People often feel overwhelmed or intimidated by wine. I want to find ways for people to be able to approach it more freely. Making wine more accessible in any setting is really important to me. Not necessarily to demystify- winemaking is a fascinating process, one I find endlessly interesting . We can talk about the details of origin, history, and climate, but enjoying wine can also be as simple as ‘Do you like it? Great!’. You don’t have to study it or know a secret language to have a full experience.”
BothDandybtls with greenery


The flagship brand and our first love. There are two different rosés in this line, both made from traditional Southern French varieties grown in Texas. One is still and dry, while it’s sparkling counterpart has its own unique character and charm.

LaVelentia lineup


Elegant, limited production wines perfect for celebrating and cellaring.  In the spirit of community and collaboration, our unique label designs are paper collage prints from Austin artist Katy Schmader.







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